History of the New Zealand Society of  Dowsing and Radionics Inc.

The Society was founded in late 1949, early 1950.

Founder members:


MR ROBERTSON joined later to become Secretary.

FRED ENGLAND was the last surviving member of the group, he passed away 29th September 2012 aged 94. During the Second World War from September 1939 to November 1945, Fred served in the R.N.Z.A.F. as a Radio operator, Navigator and Air Gunner and survived many hair raising adventures.  Following demob Fred learned bookkeeping, got married, managed a service station and in 1960 became the owner of the Blockhouse Bay Service with a staff of 15. During the early years, the group met every Monday night at Dave Duggan's clinic at the bottom of Queen St to discuss the things that they had learned earlier and to practice their technique's with the Motorscope, a dowsing device developed by Herbert George. Fred met with the other founding members through his business, they were all clients at his garage and either called in for petrol or for their cars to be serviced and while waiting discussed their interest in dowsing, which would cover the different bodies, planets, plants, viruses in water and many other subjects. At a later date they decided to hold regular meetings.

DAVE DUGGAN believed to have lived 89 years of age, passed away 25 December 1986. Dave was self taught and was interested in Magnetic Healing, he purchased an existing business by the name of Stevens Health Centre which was located at the bottom of Queen Street, Auckland where he worked for many years. This address was also the weekly meeting place for the dowsing Group.

JACK DANKS senior and FRANK DANKS son, had general dowsing interests. Jack was in his 60s and Frank in his 30s about 1950 when they joined the group while their dowsing interests were in general subjects the pair leaned toward health problems such as the quality of water, and the purity of foods. Frank was a great thinker and investigator, Jack senior really just tagged along. Frank was in his late 70s when he passed away.

HERBERT GEORGE, the eldest of a family of nine, was born in Bristol, England, on the 28th of April 1880 and came to New Zealand with his three sisters in 1912 at about the age of 32 years. Bert was already in his late 60s when contacted by the other members of the dowsing group and had spent a number of years studying and experimenting with Colour Therapy and Radiesthia. Fred England remembers that Bert originally got the idea for the device that was later called the "Motoscope" from a French book, the original scope was a crank made of wire (it was later made of metal) with a pointer at one end and two small offset handles to allow it to turn in a 3 inch circle. Herbert George passed away at the age of 70 and rests with his wife Lily in the Hillsborough Hill Top Cemetery, Auckland.